How do I clean my pillows?

I recommend sending them to the dry cleaner.  

I have pillow inserts! Can I purchase just the covers?

Sure! Inserts are sold separately. 

What is the best way to stuff my pillow at home? I’m afraid I”m going to rip the seam!

Work slowly.  Fold your insert like a hotdog bun.  Slowly slide your cover over the “bun” and work the corner of your insert into the corners of the sham.

My pillows look deflated. What can I do to fluff them back up?

Throw your pillows (with covers on) into the dryer with a wool dryer ball or two for a couple of minutes.  This will fluff them back up in no time!

Can I return my pillows if they don’t work for me?

Because of the limited number of pillows made in each fabric and in order to be mindful of germs, all sales are final.  

How do I decide what size pillow I need?

Remember that measuring a pillow’s size in relation to your furniture doesn’t mean pulling out your tape measure.  Pillows naturally “shrink” when placed on couches, chairs, beds, etc because of the way they “plop”.  I recommend looking closely at pictures of the pillows styled for an idea of how they look in terms of size on different pieces of furniture.