About Pillow Atelier

Welcome to Pillow Atelier

Pillow Atelier started in 2020 by a busy mom of three children who needed a creative outlet she was passionate about.  Having always had a love of textiles, she began collecting designer fabrics she could source at incredible prices.   Her first creations were cut, stitched and shared with her friends and family.  

Word began to circulate about her pillows, and she decided to share them with the community via her instagram account (@pillow_atelier).  She still cuts every pillow lovingly by hand and pays careful attention to measure and maximize the usage of the fabric.  This allows her to offer incredible pricing that can't be matched. 

Fabrics are sourced in limited quantities.  If you see something you love, jump on it! You never know if the fabric will appear again, and even if it does, the pricing might be slightly different.