The Console Table

Decorating a house that both looks aesthetically pleasing and functions well for your family can be a daunting task.  I often find myself mentally juggling price, visual appeal and practicality when selecting things for my home.  Usually the winner is found somewhere in the middle.    

I love the look of natural fiber tables.  Heck, I love the look of natural fiber everything, but I knew that my children (both human and fur) would permanently damage it quickly.  (We’ve had a few true natural fiber rugs and let’s just say those things don’t clean well.)  I also wanted to be budget mindful, and most natural fiber tables are investment pieces. 

So I started thinking.



I purchased this IKEA console table.  Really any console table, side table or coffee table with clean lines will work - be mindful of tables that are more ornate as it will complicate applying the wallpaper.  The simpler, the better.  


I purchased peel and stick wallpaper from amazon.  Peel and stick wallpaper is forgiving to work with.  You can manipulate it as you apply it.  If the wallpaper doesn’t look straight, you gently peel it back and try again.  I like the vinyl “faux” natural fiber papers.  These can be wiped down easily with children.  I ordered two rolls.  You will have leftover wallpaper.  *At the bottom of this post, I show you what I did with it.

Link to the wallpapers I used: 



I purchased an inexpensive wallpaper kit from amazon.



Link to the wallpaper kit I used:

I assembled the table first.  This one was pretty easy by IKEA assembly standards.  It took me about 30 minutes.  

There was no prep necessary since the wallpaper is peel and stick.  I simply unrolled my wallpaper and got to work.  The first piece I applied was the longest and wrapped from the top inside of one leg, down, around and over the top of the table, then down and around the opposite leg. It will be one LONG piece.  


  1. Work slowly and smooth out bubbles as they appear.  
  2. Don’t be afraid to gently lift and reapply the paper if it doesn’t look just right. 
  3. To finish off corners, think package wrapping.  Tuck in the corners to give it that mitered edge look. 
  4. Don’t stress about minor imperfections.  The real deal tables have these too.  

Finally, finish your table off with a piece of glass on top.  I had mine cut at a local glass store for around $40.  


This entire project cost me a fraction of the cost of the tables I was coveting, and if my toddler does a drive by with a ketchup covered hand, I’m not phased.  Wipe it off and move on.  



*Pro tip: This also works great with the 9.99 IKEA side table! (Use your leftover wallpaper.) I added some tape trim with a hot glue gun to the edge of mine, but it's not necessary!  Here it is pictured below between these two chairs.  These tables are great filler tables. 

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